7 The Chariot – Archangel Metatron – Angel Tarot Cards

An important achievement.  Self-Discipline and willpower.  Public recognition.

Congratulations!  This card means you’ve successfully balanced a recently challenging situation!  Your ability to se both sides, take action, and make decisions has garnered you approval, respect and gratitude.   So, bask in the joy of what you’ve accomplished!

Stay calm and grounded, and be clear about what you’re trying to achieve.  It’s important to show self-control, determination, and the willingness to go the distance at this time.  Exercise control firmly – but kindly – with other people.

Additional meanings of this card:  Self-discipline.  Sheer willpower.  A great lea forward.  A promotion or aware.   Travel.  Modes of transportation.


Archangel Metatron can increase your motivation and energy levels so that you’ll accomplish your priorities.   Metatron uses a sacred geometric shape called a “Merkaba” or “Megaton’s Cube” to warp time, which enables you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality.


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