8 Justice – Angel Tarot Cards



Fair and just decisions.   Do What you know is right.  Stand up for your beliefs.

This card comes to you because you are trying to make a decision. The angles guide you to wisely and carefully considered decisions, with fairness extended to everyone involved (including yourself). If you can’t be objective in this matte, seek out someone who can act as an arbitrator.

This cards also means that a decision will be made in your favor. If you’re currently in a legal dispute, it will turn out positively for you. Furthermore it’s important to thoroughly review legal documents or contracts before signing them.

Additional meanings of this card: Doing what’s right. Taking responsibility for your actions. Resisting injustice. Standing up for your beliefs. Issuing or accepting an apology.

Raquel is the archangel who creates harmony within relationship and who can help you make decisions that involve other people.  Call upon Raquel to bring about peace between you and others.