21 The World – Archangel Michael

A job well done!  Joy, contentment, and gratitude.  The path toward enlightenment.

The angels sent you this card because you’ve happily completed something of great importance.  They’re congratulating you on a job well done.  You’re now ready to move on to something new.   Enjoy your feelings of wholeness and completion, and give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing accomplishments!

You’ve grown spiritually and have evolved to a whole new level in your understanding of the Universe.  You’ve experienced significant enlightenment and have expanded your consciousness of how to attain joy and contentment.  you feel a great sense of gratitude.

Additional meanings of this car?  Perfection.  A move to the next level.  Receiving an award.  A new house or job.  Complete clarity.  Cosmic awareness.   Recognition for the use of your talents.  Freedom.

Archangel Michael oversees your Divine life purpose, and he knows what roles your soul has been born to fulfill.  Call upon Michael for guidance as to you rnext steps, and for the courage, strength and confidence to take them.


7 The Chariot – Archangel Metatron – Angel Tarot Cards

An important achievement.  Self-Discipline and willpower.  Public recognition.

Congratulations!  This card means you’ve successfully balanced a recently challenging situation!  Your ability to se both sides, take action, and make decisions has garnered you approval, respect and gratitude.   So, bask in the joy of what you’ve accomplished!

Stay calm and grounded, and be clear about what you’re trying to achieve.  It’s important to show self-control, determination, and the willingness to go the distance at this time.  Exercise control firmly – but kindly – with other people.

Additional meanings of this card:  Self-discipline.  Sheer willpower.  A great lea forward.  A promotion or aware.   Travel.  Modes of transportation.


Archangel Metatron can increase your motivation and energy levels so that you’ll accomplish your priorities.   Metatron uses a sacred geometric shape called a “Merkaba” or “Megaton’s Cube” to warp time, which enables you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality.

13 Release – Angel Tarot Cards

“The end of a phase or situation. Spiritual transformation. Time to move on.”

This card signifies that it’s time to move on because the project or phase of your life is now complete.   There’s no benefit in remaining in this situation.  Instead shake off the old and welcome the new!  You may experience a sense of relief at this ending or there may be some sadness.  Either way, it’s time to leave that which you outgrown.

Take your time in adjusting to this change in your life.  It’s not necessary to rush ahead.  Be kind to yourself during this period of transition, and seek the support of family and friends.

Additional meanings of this card:  Inevitable, positive changes.  Facing your fears.  Relationship transitions.  Spiritual evolution.


Archangel Azrael heals your heart when changes and losses bring about grieving.  Call up Azrael to help you to move forward to fearlessly and to let go of the past.




8 Justice – Angel Tarot Cards



Fair and just decisions.   Do What you know is right.  Stand up for your beliefs.

This card comes to you because you are trying to make a decision. The angles guide you to wisely and carefully considered decisions, with fairness extended to everyone involved (including yourself). If you can’t be objective in this matte, seek out someone who can act as an arbitrator.

This cards also means that a decision will be made in your favor. If you’re currently in a legal dispute, it will turn out positively for you. Furthermore it’s important to thoroughly review legal documents or contracts before signing them.

Additional meanings of this card: Doing what’s right. Taking responsibility for your actions. Resisting injustice. Standing up for your beliefs. Issuing or accepting an apology.

Raquel is the archangel who creates harmony within relationship and who can help you make decisions that involve other people.  Call upon Raquel to bring about peace between you and others.